The Art of Investment

Welcome to the world of Investment.


If you are novice to finance & investment arena, have little knowledge on Investments options and want to grow your wealth in a disciplined way, lost in equity markets, willing to be a part of a Professional group then you landed in a right place.

All right what you can expect on this forum, nice question. As an investor or information seeker you could expect tons of information’s on finance, economics, investment ideas, Financial Planning tips etc…

Many of us (including Me) thinking that Investment planning and understanding the financial terms requires lot of knowledge and skills. Of course yes but it is not a Science. It is an ART like Painting or drawing in which we use little science and technology to analyze the right Investment options. Always investors need to have patience and discipline to grow their wealth. We can assure you that the information which we would provide in this forum will give you a confidence.

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Who can flourish in this arena?

Can an ordinary person successful in this field? Yes anyone who is willing to learn, analyze the options and can wait for decent no of years can definitely prosperous here.  I would suggest you to follow very few steps at this juncture; this may help you in long term outlook.

1.   Invest time to learn and understand the basic concepts

2.   Passion to Invest

3.   Start analyzing the options and become successful.

Definitely you only can success in this world, because this is hard earned money, no one can manage your money effectively than you.


We recommend a very simple explanation


  • You gotta time to think.
  • You gotta time to invest.
  • You gotta success knocking your door.


And finally


You gotta an aid from MPF.


You + MPF = Financial Success


My Personal Finance

MPF is a professionally managed financial blog which is purposefully founded to create awareness on financial products such as insurance, mutual funds, Stocks etc… This forum will help the audience to create a wealth and happiness through wisdom. We have got decent experience in this area and we personally succeed in accomplishing financial plan and laid down the path to achieve their financial goals for few of our esteemed customers Read more about us.


Based on the interactions with the people we have come to an inference


  •     The only capable person to manage your money is you.
  •     There is difficulty in creating a wealth.
  •     Understanding financial key is not a rocket science and investing in financial instruments is fun.


Very short, MPF is an educator series where you will get lot of information on scientifically

proven techniques & strategies to understand the financial terms and instruments.

Please note that there is no financial commitment to get into this forum, through this we would talk about stocks, insurance, mutual funds, corporate F.D’s etc… It’s completely free. But keep in mind nothing is free in this world, what we would expect from you, is share this information to your friends, relatives and consociates, and promote us reach more number listeners.


By this time you must be noticed that we have introduced lot of financial instruments, but we don’t suggest or recommend any individual plan or stock or mutual fund to the audience, we might analyze the instruments and offer a review. Investing in stocks, mutual funds or any other instrument is completely visitor’s choice and these instruments are associated with RISK. We would strongly advise you to go through the documents before investing in any products.


We are devotedly there to support the small investors make their own investment decisions and grow their wealth effectively.


So far so good?


Honestly speaking there is magic to grow you wealth, all you need is dedication, patience and smartness. What we have here is some simple methods to realize investment options and the time duration to make you RICH.


We are there to teach you the magical word, Investment and will help you to achieve your Financial success (Freedom). You can write us at any queries/support can be sent to this id and you could expect a reply within 48 hours. Instead you can visit our contact page and fill in a simple form so that our consultants can reach you to understand your needs/queries.


Join us to get more detailed information on Investing and economics.


Who can stay from this forum?


Persons looking for “Quick Rich Scheme”

Person who is really not interested in becoming RICH by legally and professionally

People expecting Tips on stocks for trading.

People who cannot wait for more than 10 years.


Catch you in the next blog until then Happy Investing

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