Top 3 Best Investment Avenues



After globalization, many people are keen are investing their hard-earned money. Till now many of the families are completely against investment and they have a different thought process than investing in unknown products like shares and mutual funds. In this article, we will discuss more on the Best investment areas where you can invest and grow your hard-earned money.

Though there are many investment options available in the following avenues are most preferable from the investor’s point of view, because of their growth.

  1. Share Market aka Stock Market
  2. Mutual Fund Investment
  3. Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency

Share Market aka Stock Market:

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Top 4 Safe & Secure Alternate Investments to Invest Our Hard Earned Money

Alternative Investments are the investments which are defined in Regulation of Securities and Exchange Board of India; these are privately pooled money investment which includes mutual funds, equity funds, general and life insurance. These investments are the choice of investment opportunities which investors should know before investing into any kind of Asset in the market.

Basically, this investment includes hedge funds, real estates, commodities, private equity and derivatives contracts, these are held by institutional investors and have high minimum investments, there is a lot of diversification in these types of investments and is held over for a long period of

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Why should I need to have a Financial advisor?

Welcome to MPF,

Ahh we understood that you are in the urge of understanding the importance of a financial advisor. At the same time something popping up your mind that “Do I still need a financial advisor or a planner to decide my retirement, child planning or wealth management?”.

A hypothetical question! Let me try to explain why you require a financial planner or an advisor to protect your money or to start with your wealth creation.

Who are a Financial Planner / Advisor?

Professional with deep understanding in finance, taxation and wealth management who service their clients to

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Why would you need to have a Term Insurance

If you are planning to purchase the term insurance plans then yes, you have made the right choice and you should go forward. The right choice of a term insurance plan provides you financial protection and most importantly it secures the future of your family.

Life is full of twists and turns which also befits the old saying ‘Always Expect the Unexpected from Life.’ So, you should always cautious about the risks like critical illness, hospitalization, and accidental disability as well. These dangers make the term insurance important for you to look beyond the traditional need.

The chances of unexpected

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