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We welcome to MY PERSONAL FINANCE – blog where you will gain lot of information on different areas like Finance, Investment, Wealth Management & Business etc.

MY PERSONAL FINANCE was founded on 7th February 9, 2015 as to build awareness on different pitch. We started focusing on delivering valuable articles for the benefit of spectators. We intend to make this blog for the benefit of students community exclusively.

Here at MY PERSONAL FINANCE, we contribute everything what we have experience so far & so on.  You can get to know about us more on here.


Hey folks I’m happy to introduce myself, I’m Sankara Narayanan.K in short SK trying to be a self-made man. I am an Engineer and Post-graduation in Finance by qualification and Software Consultant by Profession and a Blogger by Passion. I am working as a software consultant in a Banking Industry. My areas of interests are Equity research and Mutual fund analysis. I am a data lover, Husband, Father, Blogger, Freelance Trainer, Motivator and finally trying to be a Self-made Philanthropist.  I read a lot of books on finance and self-development books. You can find lot of book reviews and recommendations throughout this blog. This is my third attempt on writing a blog on different area, but due to lot of reasons I could not make it up. Nevertheless this time I will make sure that I will put my fullest effort to give the best out of me J

Thamizh Chelvi:

She is a Certified Human Resource Professional having B.Tech in Chemical Technology and MBA HR & Marketing and PGDSM Degrees.  She served as a Professor in South India’s leading B Schools and Founder of an emerging Educational Institution. Her passion is on educating & mentoring students and creating content for human empowerment. She is an avid reader, good motivator finally good MOM. Her Hobbies are cooking and updating the management concepts.

Though we are good motivators, but still we need an internal motivation factor, here you go that is Vathsan.


Chief Editor of this blog, you might surprise to know his age, yes he is just 12 years old most talented self-disciplined student of grade Seven. His hobbies are reading books and coloring.  The one simple reason for calling him as a self-disciplined is “Time Management”. He is practicing a habit of reading books every day, started reading Philosophy and life skill related books. Whatever content we decided to publish it will be reviewed by this Gentleman and then it will get published to the wider world. He has some plans to touch upon few areas.

What is the common thing among us?

If you noticed that there is a unique interest of this family is reading books, yes we are gathering books on different province and trying to craft an awareness of buying books as books are the best friends. Apart from that we have a strong belief on “what you think you become”.

Guys since we have agreed to put our effort to giving back to the society, so what you could expect from us unquestionably a good amount & quality of content on different labels like Business, soft skills, finance etc. certainly we ensure we don’t make feel you wiseacre.

Once again I take this opportunity to thank you for visiting us, please do visit us regularly and share your comments to improve the blog professionally.