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We welcome to MY PERSONAL FINANCE – blog where you will gain lot of information on different areas like Finance, Investment, Wealth Management & Business etc.

MY PERSONAL FINANCE was founded on 7th February 9, 2015 as to build awareness on different pitch. We started focusing on delivering valuable articles for the benefit of spectators. We intend to make this blog for the benefit of students community exclusively.

Hey folks I’m happy to introduce myself, I’m Sankara Narayanan. K in short SK trying to be a self-made man. I am an Engineer and Post-graduation in Finance by qualification and Software Consultant by Profession and a Blogger by Passion. I am working as a software consultant in a Banking Industry. My areas of interest are Equity research and Mutual fund analysis. I am a data lover, Husband, Father, Blogger, Freelance Trainer, Motivator and finally trying to be a Self-made Philanthropist.  I read a lot of books on finance. You can find lot of book reviews and recommendations throughout this blog.

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My main motive is to make you a better person who can handle money well

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In this blog, we would see about Finance, Stock Market, and all about money.

3 %

Only 3 % of Indian Population Invest in Stock Market

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